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The 980LE series of CNC tube benders offer multiple, fully automatic bending cycles.
The relatively small size of the bending head allows the creation of close shapes, in a single cycle, even for tubes that normally require two-way bending.
This provides significant gains in productivity and accuracy.
The bending head allows the simultaneous use of multiple types of tooling including different radii, compound clamps, and variable radius dies.
The head is also designed to be manually transformable for either clockwise or counterclockwise bending and the machines are prearranged to be integrated inside working cells.
All nine axes are driven by electric motors with digital Full Electric technology and controlled by the Siemens 840 Dsl CNC; there are no hydraulics.
This provides high quality, energy conservation, and low (to zero) waste setup.
The high production speed, the ability to integrate special devices, and the possibility of creating bends with a radius of less than 0.8D or push with variable radius bends (optional) mean that these machines are mainly used by those working in the automotive, aerospace, urban design, and shipbuilding industries.
With the device "Tangent Boost" (optional) the machine can push axially on the tube during bending in the bending former/wiper-die zone to reduce wasted tube by reducing required cut lengths.
The operator programs the machine through an intuitive interface on color LCD screen 19”.
The three-dimensional graphics software, UII "User ISO Interface", facilitates the programming, simulation, and optimization of the bending cycle.

Technical features
Material/max. tube diameterSteel/80X2 mm
CNC modelSiemens 840D sl
Nr. CNC Axes9
Max. bending radius 250 mm
Max. length of tube 2500/4150 mm
Max. bending speed93 °/sec
Bending Resolution+/- 0.05 °
Max. speed of Y axis56,7 m/min
Res. of Y axis +/- 0.05 mm
Power 36 kW
Weight 7500 kg
Production Area
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