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The SIXTY joins the traditional horizontal/vertical movement with a redundant rotation of its bending head which assures the best flexibilty, which has ever been seen on a bending machine.
Freedom to decide the side, the position and the way of loading directly inside the bending former or inside the collet, either the bending arm is closer or opened.
Freedom to orienteer in the space the bent tube in order to avoid interference with the machine’s structure.
The peculiar configuration of the bending head gives the possibility to process with an automatic cycle both left both right bending sense, while granting maximum productivity and precision.
The machine is prearranged for integration inside working cell.
The machine can also execute multistack and multiradius operations also for variable radii bending processes.
All 13 axes are controlled and actioned by absolute digital servomotor encoder (“Full electric” technology) and managed by CNC Siemens 840 Dsl which assure: high quality, energy saving, reduced set-up/start up times and machine wastes.
The high production speed, the possibility to integrate devices for special operations, the capacity to make bends with relationship between clr and dia.
Less than 0.8 make this machine is usefull for furnitures, automotive, aerospace, heating and conditioning.
The operator can dialogue with the machine thanks to an user friendly interface on a colour LCD screen 15”, while the software with traditional UII “User Iso Interface” optional make programming, simulation and optimisation of bending process easier.

Technical features
Material/max. tube diameterSteel/42x2mm
CNC modelSiemens
Nr. CNC Axes13
Max. bending radius 150 mm
Max. length of tube 2600/4750 mm
Max. bending speed240 °/sec
Bending Resolution+/-0.05 °
Max. speed of Y axis85 m/min
Max. speed of Y axis 85 m/min
Res. of Y axis +/- 0.05 mm
Power 21 kW
Weight 6300 kg
Production Area
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