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CNC tube endforming machines S2086 with their self-learning programming system, are characterized by the capacity to make up to 6 endforming steps both punching both rotating, thanks to the possibility to be integrated with different rotating heads (also CNC) for special processes such as cutting, threading, butting, holing and rolling.
The CNC tool change allows optimizing the speed and the position of the different working tools.
The stiff structure of the machines and the disposition of their elements, make them particularly suitable to be put inside working cells or pre-existing plants, with the possibility to integrate automatic loading and unloading systems.
The front stop unit is extremely stiff and it’s equipped with a sensor to detect the correct position of the tube and the tube presence.
S2086E is a machine where all axes are controlled and actioned by Electric Digital servomotor with Full Electric technology, which assure high quality, energy saving and short times for set-up/start-up.
The patented machine S2086HF, sums up the synergy of punching and hydroforming technology.
This characteristic makes possible the production of complex shapes with a small number of working steps and fast cycle times.
Further, it allows bending also tube with very small wall thickness, with the highest quality and repeatability.

Technical features
Max. tube diameter42 mm
CNC model Siemens 840D sl
Nr. CNC Axes4
Hydroforming deviceYes
Forming cylinder thrust 8 ton
Max. deformation length 250 mm
Forming cylinder speed 8 m/min
Blocking clamp thrust 12 ton
Blocking clamp cylinder stroke 42 mm
Tool change step 90 mm
Stept nr.6
Tool change speed 45 m/min
Production Area
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