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Crippa in the USA


Crippa is an historical made in Italy Company. For over sixty years, Crippa has been designing and manufacturing tube bending and tube endforming machines by employing industry-leading technical solutions, responding to the needs of an ever-changing market.
Quality, productivity, innovation and a capillary presence throughout the world are our strong points. Visitors discovered the Crippa catalogue, which includes full electric linear and two-way tube bending machines, that can be easily integrated into new or pre-existing automatic working cell, to bend tubes and pipes up to Dia. 225 mm Up&Down
In year 2017 we patented 225HE the biggest full electric, multi-stack and multi-radius bending machine in the world. Serie Heavy
Tube endforming machines with high levels of customization, integrating rolling, cutting and hydroforming tools. Endforming-Hydroforming
Integrated working cells to bend and endform tubes with robotized loading and unloading systems. Celle di lavoro
Applications and special machines for niche markets, software and toolsets for the management of machine and production. Tubeflex-Uii In addiction you can discovery a network of excellence partnership: to meet your productions needs.

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