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Exhibitions autumn/winter 2019

Towards 2020. 

Crippa's events for the second half of 2019

After the summer break, Crippa will begin the season of autumn fairs with the MSV, that will take place in Brno in the Czech Republic from 7th to 11th October. International fair dedicated to engineering and machine tools, the MSV is the most awaited event in Central Europe as far as the world of machine tools is concerned.

In November we will move to the United States with the usual end-of-year appointments with the overseas public.

We will start from Las Vegas (November, 5-8) taking part in the SEMA SHOW, the largest world trade fair event dedicated to the automotive sector.

We will close in Chicago where we will consolidate our presence at Fabtech Show from 11th  to 14th November.  

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