Our experience supports your ideas

Starting from your project, a sample or tube coordinates, we can build the right tools for you.

Crippa produces custom tooling starting from a project, a tube, or its properties.

A dedicated team of designers collates your needs, analyses them, confirms the feasibility, and suggests the solution that optimises production times and costs. With our experience, we produce complete, complex tooling for processing tubes and profiles, offering innovative solutions for custom processing. In particular, we have developed tooling for bending busbars, with unique processing for bars of a sizable length and width that wire-processing machines cannot handle.

We are able to design multi-stack and multi-radius machines, with straight or shaped clamping, and with special surface finishes specific to the type of process the machine is built for (smooth, ribbed, electrical discharge, pyramidal, etc.). We have designed tools to perform the most diverse endforming operations, also connected with hydroforming technology in a single work cycle.           
Furthermore, the materials used to produce these machines and the relative heat treatments give them excellent resistance to mechanical stress and optimal durability over time.    
All these aspects allow us to obtain excellent quality bends with respect to the geometric characteristics of the design.

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