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Tube bender with innovative efficient functions that make the machine particularly suitable for use in the automotive, aeronautical, HVAC and furnishing sectors.

The 1055E is the largest model offered in the UP&DOWN series. It is a fully automatic CNC tube bending machine for pipes up to a diameter of 55 millimetres and a thickness of 2.5 millimetres, with an installed power of 20kW. The peculiarity of this machine is the cross movement of the head, which makes it possible to create, in a fully automatic cycle, even pipe geometries that normally require restarting operations, guaranteeing speed of production and precision. The cross moves above, below, to the right and to the left of the pipe, overcoming problems concerning the dimensions of the machine and of the processed piece, making it possible to select and quickly change work plane, making right and left bends, and integrating loading and offloading into the cycle. The vice and contrasting element on the machine are synchronised: the upper and lower work planes open simultaneously. The 1055E is a multi-radius and multi-plane machine (it is fitted with at least 6 work planes). Thanks to the high vertical stroke, it can simultaneously use multiple tools with different radii and locks. All the movements of the machine’s axes are on recirculation guides which do not require lubrication and cause less wear compared to traditional guides. Efficiency is also guaranteed by the high-load sphere recirculation screws, which control the movements of the clamp and contrasting element. The 10 controlled axes that govern the machine’s movements are driven by digital motors with “Full Electric” technology and controlled a CNC Siemens 840D sl. Using this technology ensures high quality, energy savings, reduced set-up/start up time and minimal process waste. In addition, energy savings and maximum productivity are guaranteed by pneumatic balancing, which makes it possible to use a motor that is smaller, but with higher performance levels. The high production rate, the capacity for use with a vast range of accessories for specific unusual jobs, ability to produce bends with an RM/Ø ratio even lower than 0.8 or thrust bends with variable radius make this machine suitable for use in sectors where efficiency and productivity are prime requirements. This tube bender is also equipped for integration in work cells. This model is also equipped with a three-dimensional graphic software on a 19” LCD Touch screen, from which the operator can interact intuitively with the machine. The UII (“User Iso Interface”) facilitates programming, by simulating and optimising the bending programs. The 1055E is designed to be integrated into Smart Factory systems.

Bending direction
Right and left
Material Tube
Max Tube Diameter
up to Ø 55x2,5mm
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Nr. CNC Axes
Max. Bending Radius
Length Of Tube
Max Bending Speed
Bending Resolution
Max. speed of Y axis
Res. of Y Axis
Overall Dimensions H/W/D






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