Technology conceived for maximum efficiency

“Full Electric” technology, combined with the use of dual axes, guarantees high quality, energy savings, reduced set-up/start up time and minimal process waste.

The 150HE CNC tube bender offers multiple, fully automatic bending cycles. This machine employs particular constructive concepts, which allow higher rigidity and higher performances in comparison with the existing bending machines of the same size. This machine is ideally suited for those works, which require the contemporaneous employ of several tooling sets, as it can assure a perfect execution of complex shapes even for those tubes with a small wall thickness. The structure of the bending head – fixed on the basement of the machine -  assures high stiffness, while the horizontal translation and vertical movements are left to the tube. The high vertical stroke allows to increase the number of available working stacks. The relatively small size of the bending head allows the creation of close shapes, in a single cycle, even for tubes that normally require two-ways bending. This provides significant gains in productivity and accuracy. The machine is also prearranged for integration inside workcells. All the axes are driven by electric motors with digital Full Electric technology and controlled by the Siemens 840D sl CNC; this technology, together with the master and slave axes, provides high quality, energy conservation, and low (to zero) waste setup. With the device “Tangent Boost” (optional) the machine can push axially on the tube during bending in the slide/wiper-die zone to reduce wasted tube by reducing required cut lengths. The operator programs the machine through an intuitive interface on color LCD screen 19”.  The three-dimensional graphics software, UII “User ISO Interface”, facilitates the programming, simulation, and optimization of the bending cycle.

Tubes and profiles

To each his own: simple and complex processes to meet every needs

Bending direction
Right or left
Material Tube
Mild steel
Max Tube Diameter
up to Ø 150x3mm
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Nr. CNC Axes
Max. Bending Radius
Length Of Tube
Max Bending Speed
Bending Resolution
Max. speed of Y axis
Res. of Y Axis
Overall Dimensions H/W/D





Different Application