An Advanced Solution for the Biomedical Sector

Maximum precision and flexibility in bending titanium and metal biomaterials.

The biomedical sector is known for requiring extreme precision and repeatability in processes. Another requirement is flexibility, deriving from an extreme variety of biometric data of single individuals and due to the use of biocompatible materials such as titanium, which is very expensive and difficult to bend with cold forming processes. And that’s only the beginning. Given the reduced length of the pieces to bend, efficient solutions are often required to optimise cycle time and also from a space and industrial ergonomics standpoint. The 825VE is Crippa’s tailored solution for the medical sector and, more generally, for all processes that require bending short tubes without a mandrel with a diameter of up to 25mm. The distinctive vertical design allows the machine to take up very little floor space, but maintains the important characteristics of Crippa’s linear machines of a similar size. “Full Electric” with 8 axes controlled by the CNC Siemens 840D sl, it offers unique ergonomics and precision, and can be outfitted for use with a bending form and for thrust bending. Multistack and multiradius, it can be equipped simultaneously with tools with different radii and clamping. Its intrinsic characteristics make this machine perfect for being used in automated work cells and “Smart Factory” production processes.

Technical Specifications
Bending direction
Right or left reconfigurable
Mild steel
Max. tube diam.
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
N. CNC axes
Max. bending radius
Max. length
Bending speed
Bending precision
Y Axis speed
Precision of Y axis
Installed power
Machine weight
Dimensions H/W/D

Different Applications