Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery

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The agricultural sector is expanding rapidly, also due to the growing number of agricultural companies that are working in favour of sustainability and biodiversity protection. Crippa has always supported agricultural machinery producers, providing highly technological solutions for processing the related tubes. Cabins, engines, exhaust pipes: large-diameter tubes and profiles are essential parts of agricultural machinery. Crippa, a specialist in processing large diameters, offers fully electric, reliable, rigid, and precise machines capable of carrying out all necessary work for the agricultural sector.

Linear Series

Bending machines

Compact, versatile tube bending machines suitable for your project

Heavy Series

Bending machines

Powerful, compact machines for high intensity bending processes

Heavy BWT Series

Bending machines

Four tube bending machines for heavy processes on tubes with large diameters and thicknesses

Heavy-S Series

Endforming machines

Power, flexibility and precision also in the heaviest processes