Precision and efficiency without compromise

Able to integrate loading and unloading in the cycle, the new CLEVER tube bending machine ensures a reduction in production times.

The CLEVER machine is based on the patented concept of side tilting of the head which means in practical terms that it can bend in two directions. It can also incorporate loading and unloading into the process cycle thus reducing production time. The head therefore works independently loading, processing and unloading tubes which may even be complex with extreme simplification of the whole process. In fact the CLEVER can load the new tube to be worked, while the head moves vertically and rotates to unload the bent tube.  The left and right bending is done on the same bending former which has dedicated surfaces. The bending direction is reconfigured automatically and controlled by the 9 CNC axes of the machine which simplify the positioning and release operations at the same time optimising the paths. The head moves only in the vertical direction and rotates around its rotation axis to position the tube in the groove.  There is also a pneumatic balancing device that reduces power consumption during vertical movement and a system for rapid retraction of the tie rod. Programming is done using simplified UII interface software. This tube bending machine can be set up with numerous optional accessories and can be connected to the Crippa I4.0 production control and performance systems.

Caratteristiche tecniche
Bending direction
Right or left
Material Tube
Max Tube Diameter
up to Ø 25mm
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Nr. CNC Axes
Max. Bending Radius
Length Of Tube
Max Bending Speed
Bending Resolution
Max. speed of Y axis
Res. of Y Axis
Overall Dimensions H/W/D
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