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Beyond the boundaries of I4.0

Our state-of-the-art CNC, connecting to the company network, enable machine monitoring from an IOT and I4.0 perspective.

The “Full Electric” technology that we use in our tube bending machines simplifies production and improves machine performance, guaranteeing extremely rapid set-up and start-up times without mechanical adjustments, and maximum precision and repeatability of processes. All our machines have latest generation CNC control units that allow them to be connected to the company network and monitored also in light of IOT and I4.0.

Through the software MHM (Machine Health Monitoring) we have developed constantly evolving monitoring systems able to collect data on the productivity and health of the machines

This information is then used to analyse several strategically important parameters and make them accessible from PC, tablet and smartphone, or in the cloud through the Siemens Mindsphere which allows users to perform very complex analyses for the purpose of preventive maintenance on machines and optimization of industrial processes.

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