Crippa: your best profile

Metal profiles are used in many different sectors to make windows, doors, port-holes and frames. Like tubes, profiles can also be bent by traditional tube bending machines, but their processing requires specific technical measures and can present different problems.

Most profiles are extruded and have complex geometries that make it difficult to block them in the machine during the bending process. Furthermore, their irregular geometry requires deliberate study and planning to achieve the right shape and position of the mandrel. Crippa’s extensive experience has allowed it to develop and integrate specific devices on its tube bending machines to bend simple and complex metal profiles: positioner collets, special mandrels and vertical clamping.

These devices make it possible to bend on the plane or in space and to combine multistack and multiradius bending and thrust in cycle. Crippa has recently reconfirmed its technical superiority in profile bending by creating a special machine with automatic cycle that can make aluminium port-holes for the shipbuilding sector.

The port-hole frame to be produced has two 180° small radius bends. Crippa was able to bend the profile with a mandrel and close it into a ring, making the two ends touch, while maintaining an excellent surface finish at the end of the process. No post processing operations were required. This machine ensures excellent geometric repeatability and the process can be adapted to produce to different sizes of port-holes. A special vertical clamping system designed especially for this process completes the overview of this machine, which ensures easy unloading even of particularly long items. What’s more, the production cycle designed in this way allows the machine to make each bend in a single step, eliminating traditional post processing operations and minimizing waste. This technology can be applied to all sizes of machines, for bending all types of profiles and different materials.

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