Modular and flexible tube cutting machines

Tested technical solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.

SMI TUBE CUTTERS are based on flexibility and modularity. The layout is composed of a range of tested technical solutions combined to create systems based on your specific needs. The machines are characterised by the high quality of orbital cuts, without chips or burrs and a very small reduction in the internal cross-section of the tube. Particular features also include systems to set up and prepare the starting material. These are designed to increase the machine’s availability and therefore profitability. The tube cutter family includes 3 models: MTS22, MTP28, and MTP44. The MTS22 processes tubes with diameters from 1.5 to 22 mm, and is also available in multi-track, vertical versions. Both orbital and disc cutters can be mounted. The MTP28 can cut a maximum diameter of 28 mm. It features strong tearing clamps and is particularly recommended for thick tubes. The MTP44 is a machine for cutting tubes with a maximum diameter of 44 mm. As with smaller cutting machines, it can be fed with both coils and bars (MTV44 version). All versions have a main power unit, straightening unit, and calibration rollers for creating perfectly circular tubes. Incisions are made on the material with an orbital head controlled either mechanically or by two brushless motors in the CNC version. When necessary to achieve a particular cutting quality, the pressure of the orbital blade is contrasted by two small rollers to make the cut section more circular. Additional processing can be combined with cutting on the basic machine, allowing for numerous operations such as end forming, shaping, bending with a head mandrel or without drilling, spiralling, and marking. Everything is managed using the central system programming panel. The automation flexibility also allows for integration into unsupervised work cells. The tube cutters are equipped with an intuitive panel for programming and are prepared for integration into “Smart Factory” systems.