Maximum contactless precision

Measuring system that can create a high-definition digital image of the object being measured and then perform very precise control measurements.

Easygauge is a contactless measuring device of shapes such as ends of machined / shaped pipes or any other object (blocks, plates, molded parts, etc.). Easygauge can be compared to a traditional optic projector of profiles, where all measuring and control functions are made automatically. Easygauge is a very powerful metrology tool for process control. Easygauge can create a digital ultra-defined image of the focused object and make hundredth control measures with a ±1µm precision. With a simple click the measured values are stored and can be processed and analyzed to calculate automatically the main statistic values (Cp and Cpk). Once the measures are made, the found values are registered and made available in .ACCDB and .CSV format. The creation of new programs is made through a graphic intuitive interface. Once the image is obtained, the operator inserts the geometries and the control quotes just like a simple CAD 2D drawing. Easygauge has an auto recognition system of the piece: framing the sample to be measured, the device is able to recognize its shape and automatically recall the relative measurement program, decreasing the times and skills of those who will carry out the measurements. Easygauge is an extremely versatile dimensional measuring device which allows measuring contactless profiles such as tubes extremities (shaped or processed) or other objects like small blocks, plaques, printed items and so on, which can be easily put on a glass support.


Caratteristiche tecniche
Field of View
42x34mm - (opt.) Ø 96