As Easy as Taking a Photo

Easygauge is a contactless measuring system that can create a high-definition digital image of the object being measured, and then perform very precise (centesimal) measurements

Easygauge is an extremely versatile device for dimensional measurements. It uses contactless technology to measure profiles, processed or shaped tube ends and other objects, such as clamps, plates and moulded parts that can be easily set on a support glass. It could be compared to a classic optical projector for profiles, which performs all measuring and control functions automatically. Easygauge can create a high-definition digital image of the object being measured and then perform very precise control measurements, with a repeatability of ±5µm. The measurements are memorised with a click and then re-elaborated and analysed for automatic calculations of main statistics, such as Cp and CpK. After the measurements have been taken, the values are recorded and made available in .ACCDB and .CSV format. New programs are created with the intuitive graphics interface. After capturing the image, the operator enters the reference geometries and the control values, as with any 2D CAD DRAWING. The device has several programs memorised with different shapes, and therefore it has an automatic part recognition function: when the sample to measure is captured, the device can recognise the shape and automatically retrieve the relative measurement program, which saves time and and makes it possible for a person with lower level skills to take measurements. 

Technical Specifications
Visual field
42x34mm - (opt.) Ø 96