Endforming machines

Heavy Series

Ø 60-168mm

Perfect integration of strength and precision

End forming machine with vertical clamping suitable for complex processes that require precision movements and large dimensions for clamping the tube.

into work cells

Tube bender machines from the Full electric family were designed to be integrated to form automated work cells.

Work Cells

The fast, intuitive professional tool.

Programming is simpler and quicker

We allow you to program your tube bending machine quickly and intuitively, by optimising functions like never before: the Software Uii is a new, easy to use system that calculates trajectories, with captivating graphics and a very large interactive help area. Uii can be integrated with the software 3DtoUII, a professional tool created to improve the calculation system, that optimises and accelerates work times by extrapolating the coordinates of a tube starting from a 3D file.

Constant process monitoring

With Brainbox, the app that talks to your machines, we allow you to monitor the entire production process from remote. At all times through your tablet, smartphone or computer, you have access to a range of information, such as: production levels, function status and any anomalies or alarms.

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