Easy switch between push and pull expansion

Powerful expanding machines for straight and hairpin tubes.

The MND EXPANDER was designed to expand both straight and hairpin tubes and can be easily converted from push to pull processing. This machine is equipped with an expanding system with rods guided along their entire length by means of anti-friction lugs, allowing it to work at speeds and levels of power that cannot be achieved by other similar machines on the market. The MND is also designed to enable quick setup, making it easy to switch between push/pull expansion, or even change the geometry. The geometry of the units set by the operator in the processing recipe automatically determines the best processing sequence for the selected products. The number and type of rods to implement in each step of the expansion sequence is calculated automatically by the central control system based on the specified product data. The use of brushless motors for each of the main movements of the machine allows the work cycle and parameters to be optimised. The type of operation, together with the chosen construction details, prevent flexion of the rods during processing. This leads to increased reliability and high positioning precision, guaranteeing a maximum processing speed of 70 m/min. The special design adopted for the beam movement and tube tightening units enables careful management when drawing the tube during pull expansion. This occurs continuously, pushing and/or retaining the tube to reach the finished height of the flare from the side. The automatic compensation of drawn material obtained in this way ensures that there is no need for costly levelling processes. In addition, the tool positioning precision ensures that the protrusion of the hairpin from the side is the most useful on the market (e.g. 17-mm protrusion for ø 3/8’’ hairpin with 25-mm step). The result is tangible savings in terms of material and processing times. Machine accessories include tables to support the exchangers, in different versions and models for continuous movement from one product to another. SMI EXPANDERS are designed to be integrated into smart factory systems.