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Heating and cooling systems and boilers. Choose the leading technological partner in the sector.

We are highly specialised in creating machines and systems for the heating and cooling sector. This is why major HVACR companies choose to work with Crippa every day. Automation, customisation, precision, and reliability are the keywords in creating systems for air treatment. This is why Crippa has developed tube bending machines, end forming machines, and specific integrated solutions for the sector. Learn more.

Decoiling Series


Tube processing solutions starting from coil

Small Series

Bending machines

Solutions for aluminium tubes with small diameters


Bending machines

Single head double sense compact tube bending machines

Linear Series

Bending machines

Compact, versatile tube bending machines suitable for your project

T Series

Bending machines

Specific solutions for complex processes

Rapid Series

Endforming machines

Compact layout for precision processes on simple geometries.

Quick Series

Endforming machines

Advanced technology for complex endforming operations 

Heavy-S Series

Endforming machines

Power, flexibility and precision also in the heaviest processes