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We interview the new CEO of Crippa S.p.A.

In September 2021, Claudio Viscardi was appointed Chief Executive of Crippa S.p.A., taking over from Antonio Crippa who has taken on the role of company Chairman.

Dr. Viscardi, how would you describe the new Crippa?

Crippa S.p.A. stands on solid foundations, built by the Crippa family over 73 years of outstanding work. On the basis of this foundation, the aim is to lead the company in a process of further development, based primarily on increasing its global presence, expanding its product range, technological innovation and a focus on environmental sustainability, and above all on valuing the human resources that over the years have allowed the business to grow and to stand out on the market, developing into the solid company that it is today. Let’s talk about major challenges during difficult times, such as those we are experiencing.

How does Crippa cope with these challenges?

We have drawn up an ambitious development plan with clear goals and key actions to achieve the results that we set for ourselves. During times like these, speed and the ability to supply quality, productivity and innovation remain at the core of our business strategy and constitute the key to Crippa’s global success. Quality and innovation are part of our DNA and drive our company strategy. The investments that we have planned in terms of research and development will be the basis for our growth. Our values are based on offering an integrated and innovative service capable of promptly responding to new market demands. All in synergy with our clients.

The client at the centre, then?

Yes, absolutely. Crippa’s strategic line is that of placing the client at the centre of our work, offering them technology integrated with soft skills in order to create solutions that are not only technologically innovative, but also built to their specific requirements, with a particular focus on energy saving, production efficiency and the simplification of machine management through increasingly user-friendly programming software systems.

If you had to describe your company values in 5 points, what would they be?

  • Valuing human resources;
  • Research and development, product quality and innovation;
  • The importance and responsibility of the supply chain;
  • Environmental sustainability;
  • A focus on the clients and their needs.

Can you tell us a little more about these points?

As I said, human resources has always been at the core of our project. Every single day our staff put their heart and soul into their work, as well as their technical and intellectual expertise, embodying the combination of values in which our company so strongly believes. All of this gives Crippa products and services an added value that you cannot put a price on. This is what makes every difference; it is our hallmark and something that is recognised, appreciated and valued highly by all our clients. We consider our suppliers, particularly the strategic ones, not as external stakeholders, but as genuine partners who share our goals and contribute to our success. Attention to detail and the identification and elimination of inefficiencies allow us to provide cutting-edge products and services. Almost all of our products are based on Full Electric Technology, which minimises both energy consumption and environmental impact. This is also made possible thanks to the strength of our supply chain, based on respect for stringent product requirements and prompt delivery. In addition, through the Code of Ethics and the Supervisory Board, Crippa is committed to preventing unethical practices both within the company and in its relationships with third parties.

Finally, why should a client choose Crippa?

Choosing Crippa doesn’t just mean choosing quality and technological innovation. Choosing Crippa means choosing a system of values and skills amassed over more than 70 years of experience, and which will continue to be the company’s hallmark over the years to come.