Modularity to the nth degree

In-cycle straightening, cutting and shaping.

Modularity is one of the main features of SMI products, and the MTP28 is exemplary in this respect. The MTP28 + PL50x6 SP DIGIT line is an integrated straightening and cutting system, complete with end forming. It consists of two main units: TheMTP28, an orbital tube cutting machine with “Full Electric” technology fed by coils. Upon input, a pinch-roll unit facilitates insertion of the tube for coil changes. The straightening and material feeding units may be supplied with systems for quick tooling changes. Each group is equipped with a pair of calibrated rollers aimed at ensuring the tube is perfectly circular. This feature is essential for ensuring high-quality cuts and durability of the tools. The orbital cutting head ensures processing free of swarf and chips. The PL50x6 SP DIGIT is an electric end forming machine mounted in line with the cutting machine. It is used to form the end of tubes that have just been straightened and are still attached to the material coming from the coil. The end forming machine has 6 fixed tools on a revolving device, along with a rotating tool. This configuration allows for end forming that requires multiple processing steps and it limits the number of setups, using the revolver as a tool magazine. Advancement with the controlled axis allows the stroke to be programmed, getting the most out of each individual tool in the processing phases. The entire deformation unit is equipped with lateral outflow movement to allow even long pieces to be cut. In this case, the machine may be coupled with unloading hoppers. The flexibility of the MTP28 + PL50x6 SP DIGIT line is enhanced when inserted in a work cell that allows for bending on a mandrel, shaping on the tail end, and servomotors with a robotic arm. In this context, the cutting and deformation of a tube end occur in masked time with its bending. The MTP28 is equipped with a simplified interfaced and prepared for integration into “Smart Factory” systems.