Flexibility for Every Need

The modular structure of this machine makes it possible to obtain unbeatable levels of customisation: every station can be programmed for several operations - or excluded - depending on the specific production needs.

The ROTARY is a transfer designed for high production that works simultaneously on more than one station, producing complex shapes through the chance to integrate different rotating heads (for cutting, trimming, facing, drilling and rolling processes). The design philosophy of ROTARY is modularity: these systems were conceived to be configured with a different number of operations and processes. It is possible to program one or more operations on each station, and each station can also be excluded if production needs require it. The results are extremely flexible systems that can be used for different processes. The layout has been designed to simplify loading and unloading operations, done either by robotised automations or by hand. The ROTARY has an extremely rigid structure that allows it to shape tubes that require high levels of power to be processed. These transfers are designed to be placed inside Smart Factory production systems.

Technical Specifications
Horiz./Vert. Tool Change
Max. tube diam.
Ø 60mm
PLC Model
Siemens PLC
Endformer cylinder thrust
Endformer cylinder stroke
Endformer cylinder speed
Clamp cylinder thrust
Clamp cylinder stroke
Tool change step
Number of steps
Dimensions H/W/D