The Power of Flexibility

Endforming tools have 16 tons of power and the vertical clamp has a power of 20 tons to create up to 6 operations of complex forming in a single cycle.

The S2166 is an endforming machine that uses complex tools; it can perform up to 6 forming operations in a single cycle, such as: punching, cutting, rolling, boring, threading and turning. The machine passes from one phase to the next very quickly, guaranteeing high production levels and maintaining high quality and precision. The S2166 is a very robust and powerful machine: its endforming tools have 16 tons of power, and its vertical clamp has 20 tons of power. The movement is done by four columns, all removable (if needed, up to 2 columns can be dismantled). The sturdiness of the S2166 does not affect ergonomics negatively: its structure makes it easy to transport and an open space layout of the work area facilitates accessibility for all operations involving assembly, tool chance operations and all types of maintenance. The compact design optimises space, making it easy for the machine to integrate into new or pre-existing work cells and automating loading/unloading processes. The CNC feature offers high performance levels, and integrates a self-learning software that makes the machine easy and intuitive to use. This machine has been set up to be placed inside Smart Factory production systems.

Tubes and Profiles

To each his own tube: simple and complex processes to meet every need.

Technical Specifications
Horiz./Vert. Tool Change
Max. tube diam.
Ø 76mm
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
N. CNC axes
Endformer cylinder thrust
Endformer cylinder stroke
Endformer cylinder speed
Clamp cylinder thrust
Clamp cylinder stroke
Tool change step
Number of steps
Tool change speed
Dimensions H/W/D