Unprecedented structural advantages

Its swan neck structure, open and accessible on three sides, facilitates maintenance procedures, tool change operations and production monitoring.

The S2254 is a machine designed for endforming tubes with large diameters; it has an extremely rigid and compact structure. This machine is very solid in order to allow maximum rigidity during endforming processes, in addition to a compact size which takes up minimal space. The large dimensions of the clamp, which can be programmed to open to optimise the stroke and reduce cycle time, allow operators to create blockages in complex or large-sized tube bends and the absence of columns in the machine structure eliminates any possible structural interference during production phases. The machine’s swan neck structure, completely open and accessible on three sides, allows unequalled ergonomics and facilitates maintenance procedures, tool change operations and production monitoring. But the flexibility of this machine is not limited to structural benefits. In fact, this endforming machine has a CNC system that permits the creation of programs, using the self-learning feature that optimises cycle time and increases productivity. The Save Energy optional device allows significant energy savings compared with other machines of similar size. This machine can be set up to be placed inside Smart Factory production systems.

Technical Specifications
Horiz./Vert. Tool Change
Max. tube diam.
Ø 127mm
PLC Model
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
N. CNC axes
Endformer cylinder thrust
Endformer cylinder stroke
Endformer cylinder speed
Clamp cylinder stroke
Tool change step
Number of steps
Tool change speed
Dimensions H/W/D