Ultra Compact Work Centre

70 years of know-how in 1400mm

The new Crippa S3089 tube end forming machine is one of a kind: it makes extremely complex shapes in a single work cycle, because it is configured like an authentic machining centre, only with extremely compact dimensions. The main feature of this latest generation end forming machine is its dual level tool changing table with interpolated movements, which is mounted on a CNC-controlled beam with 3 axes. The tool changing table can follow vertical, horizontal or interpolated trajectories with respect to the tube being processed: the machine can make traditional axial deformations and the most complex cutting and milling operations with optimised trajectories. Electronic tool management guarantees maximum precision during the processing phases. The S3089 can be fitted with up to 9 tools, including three rotating tools. The machine offers a deforming force ranging from 8 to 12 tons, depending on the pre-selected configuration. It has a 250 mm stroke and a 12 Ton horizontal clamp. The S3089 also belongs to the new generation of Crippa tube end forming machines, and is known for its extremely small size. Much more compact than traditional machines at only 1400mm wide, it facilitates in-line production, and is ideal for being inserted into automated work cells. This tube end forming machine was designed to be integrated into Smart Factory production systems.

Caratteristiche tecniche
Tool Change
Horizontal and vertical
Max Tube Diameter
Ø 42mm
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Nr. CNC Axes
Deformation Force
8ton / 12ton
Max. deformation length
Forming Speed
Clamp Force
Tool Change Step
Step Nr.
Tool Change Speed
Overall Dimensions H/W/D
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