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Innovative tube bender able to complete, in a single work cycle, multi-stack and multi-radius bends, and with integrated right or left bend direction.

The SMALL2ER tube bender, in reverse configuration, stems from the need to implement “Full Electric” technology on the SMALL series, thus providing a further guarantee of high quality, energy savings, reduced set-up/start- up times, and minimal scrap. Designed for aluminium tubes with a maximum diameter of Ø 20 x 1,8 mm, this machine comes with an electric arm and with the main C-axis transmission located directly behind the bending plane. The clamp is controlled by CNC transmission with recirculating ball screw, and the contrast by CNC axis with a rack-and-pinion drive. The head moves with the typical horizontal/vertical movement. The right-to-left reconfiguration is entrusted to the contrast axis, along with a pneumatic displacement system on two fixed positions of the clamp carriage and slider assembly. The slider clamping system prevents collision while machining during the unlocking phase. All the machine’s main movements occur on recirculating roller guides, making use of bronze rails only when geometric constraints do not allow for other solutions. In all cases, there is the possibility of adjusting clearance following wear and tear. Every component meets the highest quality standards, to ensure excellent overall quality and worldwide availability of spare parts. The machine boasts absolute encoder Siemens motors and 840D sl control and comes with user-friendly UII programming software.

Tubes and profiles

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Caratteristiche tecniche
Bending direction
Right or left
Material Tube
Max Tube Diameter
up to Ø 20x1,8mm
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Nr. CNC Axes
Max. Bending Radius
Length Of Tube
Max Bending Speed
Bending Resolution
Max. speed of Y axis
Res. of Y Axis
Overall Dimensions H/W/D
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