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Crippa SPA develops software solutions in house to simplify and optimise the use of tube bending and endforming machines. Our design team works constantly to improve them, releasing updates and customisations that are the direct response to input that we get every day from the post-sales service and from our clients. This synergy allows us to create flexible, dynamic solutions that adapt to the needs of each client, and constantly improve our service.
The USER ISO INTERFACE software, available on our tube bending machines, allows operators to create machine programs easily and intuitively, to automatically generate ISO codes to optimise parts and equipment. Our software assistance team is always at your service, ready to enter into action immediately to solve problems, also through telephone assistance.

UII 7: not just a program, but a true management interface
An application that, like an integrated app, manages and configures your machine.

Each Crippa tube bending machine is equipped with the UII software “User Iso Interface”

The UII application is not a simple programming software. It is an authentic machine management interface where each single function is managed like an integrated APP. Therefore, the operator panel provides access to the HMI “Human Machine Interface”, the machine configuration management APP and the 3DToUI.

The main peculiarities of the programming systems are as follows:

  • management of functionality in relation to user credentials for more or less expert personnel
  • management of functionality in relation to actual machine composition
  • presence of a simplified programming interface WIZARD
  • a linear graphic procedure for generating and managing programs
  • the presence of an interactive HELP section, where users can immediately find graphic explanations of all fields that must be filled in
  • use of cutting-edge techniques to plan movements to automatically guarantee the absence of collisions and the most efficient paths through new calculation algorithms and 3D simulation.

Simplify your programming.
Software to extrapolate tube information from a 3D file in one click

Crippa S.p.A has developed a concrete professional tool. Our software allows you to extrapolate the coordinates of a tube in a simple way, starting from a 3D file and using a quick, intuitive method.

Through the technology of this application, filling out the polar coordinates table becomes simpler and the possibility of making errors drops, which accelerates work times.

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