We are facing the challenges of the future

Crippa S.p.A. changes its ownership structure to carry on its growth and development project


Since 1948 evolution has been our mission and the future has been our goal. With the will to pursue this target, we are proud to announce that acquisition of the majority stake of Crippa S.p.A. by Astraco, an independent advisory firm that organizes and structures private capital investments in the form of club deal, has been completed.

The club of investors particularly appreciated the quality of Crippa S.p.A.’s company organization and the position of the Crippa family, which over the years was able to build the success of this company and which has given Astraco the opportunity to structure an acquisition able to bring the interests of all parties involved into line. The common objective of the new shareholder structure is perfectly in line with the continuation of the growth and development project that sets its sights on innovation and the international marketplace in order to reach new goals and new successes.


“I am convinced that the operation organized by Astraco and strongly wished for by the entire Crippa family can represent an important turning point for the future of our company. It was a hard decision up to the last moment, but the human and professional feeling established with the entire work group gave us the necessary confidence and trust so as to finalize such an important transition together with the new investors.”

Aurelio Crippa - Honorary Chairman


“I am particularly honored and proud of having achieved a highly important transition in Crippa S.p.A.’s path of growth and development. Ours is a family history extending over 70 years, ever since the day that my father, along with a friend, set out on a journey to Germany by motorbike and upon his return to Italy decided to take the first steps to build the first Crippa machine. Up until the recent past that witnessed us becoming one of the world leaders of electrical tube bending and forming machines for a vast variety of applications and for the most diversified industries. The Crippa trademark today is recognized as being synonymous with very high engineering precision, reliability and innovative solutions. The project before us, which will guarantee the solution for the generational changeover in the company and for further professionalization of the company’s organization, is aimed at realizing the development, continuity and growth of our company. I am very grateful to everyone who works in the company and for the company because they have built a fantastic history, and I am sure that a phase of additional professional growth and opportunity is opening up for them, as for all of us. The market moment we are facing is not one of the easiest, but it is precisely in these predicaments that the best opportunities for companies that embrace excellence and dynamism open up, together with enormous attention paid to the community and the people who work in the company, its strong points.”

Antonio Crippa - Crippa CEO


“I am very satisfied that the third investment originated and structured by Astraco has involved a company of excellence in the world of industrial automation. I am convinced that the macroeconomic context today, together with Crippa S.p.A.’s solid strategic positioning, can represent an opportunity for a company that for over 70 years is on the cutting edge in industrial automation thanks to an offer heavily oriented towards the circular economy and environmental sustainability. This acquisition has a special meaning for the Astraco team because it is made at a time when the market is undergoing turbulence. All of us, together with the investors of the club that have taken part in the acquisition, are convinced that Italian excellence is to be protected and supported through operations of industrial breadth and with considerable attention paid to the growth and continuation of ambitious paths of international development.”

Nino Dell’Arte - Astraco Founder and CEO