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Building an aircraft requires high safety and quality standards for each component, and reliability is guaranteed by strict quality control tests. For this reason, aeronautical tubes must be processed in rigorous compliance with the building design, the result of in-depth engineering studies. Tubes used in aeronautical applications must not have marks or wrinkles, which could become the origin of cracks or failures and put the aircraft passengers in danger. This is why they are made of resistant, lightweight materials that can offer reduced thicknesses, such as aluminium, titanium and Inconel.  
These noble materials have high production costs and require precise processing that reduces waste and errors to a minimum. For more than 70 years, Crippa has been working with the main producers of civil aircraft. We have crafted extremely rigid and reliable tube bending machines that make it possible to create very high quality bends right from the outset. However, Crippa’s expertise is not limited to bending. We also provide the aerospace sector with work cells with integrated loading and unloading processes and systems for control, marking and shaping, and customised processes designed to fit the specific requests of each client.