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Corporate sustainability means adopting "green practices in the company", putting in place a series of organizational and managerial tools and structures aimed at reducing the impact of the company's activity on the ecosystem and implementing a strategy oriented towards environmental sustainability.
Crippa, always attentive to the environmental impact of its machines (we were the first to produce tube bending machines with "Full Electric" technology) has decided to take a further step in this direction, looking for a solution to give new life to the materials used during the testing and prototyping phases, making them available to the community.
From this desire and after exchanging ideas with the architect Davide Crippa, designer, and professor at the “Politecnico” University in Milan, the collaboration in the project "15 declinations of kindness" was born, promoted, and realized by the REPUBBLICA DEL DESIGN association together with the Revel, BovisAttiva, BepArt associations. Società Cooperativa Impresa Sociale born from the collaboration with the innovative start-up Design DIFFERENTE, Ghigos design studio, DHoC research group of the Design Department - Politecnico di Milano and Municipio 9.


The project.

15 courtesy seats will be created for the commercial establishments of the Milan districts based on 15 variations of the concept of kindness (affectionate, patient, romantic, welcoming, sociable, helpful, confidential, polite, courteous, civil, reliable, generous, nice, caring respectful).
The seats conceive the urban regeneration of the suburbs as the result of a participatory and collective process. The result is urban planning that develops on the rules of kindness, aiming at redevelopment by means of continuous actions and kind interventions that can give new shape and recognition to urban spaces. An innovative reinterpretation of what are commonly seen as problems of the periphery.

Crippa’s contribution

The seats consist of a structure entirely made of tubes bent by Crippa tube bending machines in the testing and prototyping phase. Starting from the 7 of the most common bending programs, the seat structures were designed to give new life to the bent tubes, transforming them from waste into goods available to the community.
Through the reassembly of the pieces and the addition of a recycled plastic cover, the seats will be modified and come to life to meet the daily needs of the neighbourhoods. Each adjective identifies a function that will be formalized through play and irony.

Circular economy and technology at the service of the community

Designed to give people and the street a playful and interactive connotation, each of the 15 seats explores the different nuances of the concept of kindness, bringing the person and his needs to the centre of the discussion.
The project proposes the use of "Digital Fabrication" technologies and the reuse of old industrial production machinery to create a chain of recycling and use of plastics produced on a neighbourhood scale. The goal is to transform waste into opportunities, generating micro-economies of work and a production chain that is more attentive to the needs of the territory.
The result is “georeferenced” recycled materials because they are always different according to the type of waste produced.
For example, the recycled materials present in the Dergano - Bovisa area come mainly from the plastic material from the installation of the Republic of Design for Design Week 2019, consisting of black fruit boxes, which is mixed with industrial production waste (such as aluminium, hardware, etc.) and to the waste of craftsmanship of the wood.
The recycled materials present in the Lancetti - Isola area, on the other hand, consist of waste from the restaurant activities that are characteristic of the area: plastic bottles, caps, cans, disposable cutlery, straws, and everything related to the Milanese aperitif ritual.



Finalist Project of the Ro Plastic prize 2021

The project was selected among the finalists in the "Responsible Innovation Projects" category and will be exhibited at the "Leonardo da Vinci" Museum of Science and Technology as part of the Milan Design Week.

The project is financed by the Milan non-profit Community Foundation - City, South West, South East, Martesana. Design Project: GHIGOS (Davide Crippa, Mirco Facchinelli, Barbara Di Prete), Davide Stanga, Costanza Trinaro, Chiara Santandrea, Massimiliano Cason Villa, Osama Zeima, Riccardo Serra. Alessia Simonetti.

Realization of courtesy seats: DIFFERENT design (www.design different. It) Technical sponsor: Crippa SPA, Arexsons SPA