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We’re approaching the beginning of the Fabtech Show in Chicago and Crippa is preparing for this important event with a series of highly flexible solutions. Compact and strong machines that are suitable for all production sectors, the equipment is able to smartly solve complex production needs.

Let's take a brief look at some of the models that will be displayed at the show, starting from the smallest size:

942XE CNCthe preferred bender of Aerospace & Automotive Industry. It is a compact full electric bender for tubes up to 42mm in diameter, with a very small bend head featuring a direct-drive gear reducer. The variable vertical head positioning allows multiple tooling levels as well as variable radius push bending. The machine can be easily reconfigured between left and right bending. This machine allows the simultaneous use of several tools with different bending radii and clamp dies and it can complete bends with small radii (0.8D). These features improve its performance and speed.        

1055E: the preferred bender of Job Shops. It’s a fully automatic and full electric CNC tube bending machine for tubes up to 55mm in diameter and 2,5mm wall thickness. The cross movement of the head allows processing complex tube geometries in a single automatic cycle, so that no post process operations are required. This provides faster production rates and the highest precision.  The bend head moves above, below, right, and left of the tube overcoming dimension-related problems and allowing the quick selection of bend levels. Left and right in cycle, multistack, and multiradius, it can be equipped with at least 6 bend levels. The 1055E has the ability to load and unload itself, eliminating the need for a robot.  

Compact and versatile, the 150LE is the preferred bender for Heavy Truck, Off Road, Car, & Fabrication Industries. This machine is designed with an extendable bed, with or without a hitch feeding, and it can be easily integrated with auxiliary equipment for automatic loading and unloading. Multistack and multiradius, it can bend up to two 150mm levels, or up to three 100mm levels, also with push bending. It is also equipped with a direct transmission 8.5 ton carriage booster enabling 1D bending.

All of these tube benders are equipped with Crippa’s UIIv7 software, a 3D graphic software with an easy operator interface for rapid programming, simulation, optimization, and the ability to communicate with tube measuring systems.

Last but not least we’ll be on stage with one of one of our newest endforming machines:

S2087 is the preferred endformer of HVAC industry. It’s an electric CNC tube end forming machine with 8 to 12 tons of formation power, a 250mm stroke and a 12-ton horizontal clamp. The S2087 has a horizontal tool changer for operations that do not allow a vertical tool changer.
Features include up to 6 or 7 steps, including two CNC rotary heads for complex processes and a compact size: the machine only occupies 4572 mmof floor space.

Moreover, we assist clients in deciding which integrations they want, applying the best technology available to building highly customized systems and work cells. In addition to tube bending and end forming machines, Crippa integrates robots; drilling, cutting and shearing benches; optical measurement and viewing systems, loading and unloading systems, and automated handling systems built specifically for each product. We know how to develop special machines for sector-specific processes and build transfer systems to accommodate high production volumes and guarantee the best cycle times with the highest reliability and repeatability.

Meet us at Fabtech Show, McCormick Place, 2301 S. King Dr., Chicago, Illinois 60616, booth D45932.

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