Bending from coil without mandrel

Right and left-handed in cycle, multi-stack and multi-radius.

The tube bending machines in the SILVER series are used for bending material fed directly from a coil without a mandrel. The family includes four models with different diameter capacities and technical specifications. SILVER 2 is a left and right operated machine for tubes (Cu) up to 16 mm in diameter. The SILVER 2CD model is an automatic cycle, multi-stack, multi-radius, left and right operated tube bending machine. The SILVER 3 is a left and right operated machine for tubes (Cu) up to 22 mm in diameter with a standard length of 1400 mm (customisable). The SILVER machines can hold up to 7 electric brushless motors which control the advancement, bending, rotation of the processing levels and change in direction, optimising the precision of the movements and reducing energy consumption. The separation of the bent piece from the material coming from the coil is done without producing chips at the orbital incision where the piece is detached, using a false bend. A second blade cutting device can be integrated when required by the properties of the piece being produced or by request. Available options include a device for quick roller changes, drilling machine, laser marking unit, fixed or folding support tables, in-line shaping unit, and many others that make SILVER even more modular and customisable. The software interface is user friendly and guides the operator in all machine setup phases. The SILVER machines are prepared for integration into “Smart Factory” systems.