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Crippa at TUBE 2018

A big exhibition space to present the best of our technology, new products, integrations, software and much more to provide you with a complete overview of the world of Crippa.

The brand new CLEVER brings to the Crippa catalogue a full electric model for steel tubes of up to 25 mm in diameter, based on the concept of tilting the bending head - which is single instead of dual, like on classic machines with dual bending direction. A single bending head makes it possible to increase the execution speed of the bending process considerably and to reduce cycle. time. The CLEVER performs automatic cycles with right, left, multi-stack and multi-radius bends.

Crippa also presents the CONCEPT80, a new solution with a single bending head based on the concept of changing the integrated tool in a process that makes it possible to increase precision considerably, reducing cycle times in the production of tubes of up to 80 mm in diameter. CONCEPT80 allows customers to make multi-stack and mono-radius bends (radius can be changed during set-up) and has a built-in, dual blade, in-cycle, electrical cutting system, for high quality cutting. The tool changing tower makes it possible to process complex tubes as if they were mono-stack bends, obtaining extreme simplification in making equipment and for simulating the process.

In addition to the new products, you will also find SIXTY, The SIXTY joins the traditional horizontal/vertical movement with a redundant rotation of its bending head which assures the best flexibilty. Sixty eliminates the risk of interferences with machine’s structure and performs high quality bends on tubes up to Dia. 42 mm.

S2087V, a CNC end-forming machine with vertical tool change ( V ) and a deformation thrust of 8 or 12 Tons, a 250 mm stroke and a 12 Ton horizontal clamp. The machine has a vertical machine tool change and can perform up to 7 steps, including two rotations. Different types of rolling heads can be integrated on the machine, as well as motors for performing special processes such as butting, threading, boring, turning and much more. This tube end forming machine is compact. Being only 1100 mm wide, this machine is ideal for integrating into automatic work cells or for situations in which an operator must move the tube from one machine to another.

The second new machine is the S2087, another CNC tube end forming machine with a deformation thrust of 8 or 12 Tons, a 250 mm stroke and a 12 Ton horizontal clamp, but with a horizontal tool change process, which can be configured for up to 7 steps, two of which can be rotating. It is ideal for processes that produce a great deal of shavings, or where the geometry of the tube being processed is incompatible with the vertical beam.

And to complete its range of new products, Crippa introduces the S3089. This one-of-a-kind tube end forming machine is configured like an authentic workstation. The dual tool holder beam with the 3 CNC axes moves around the tube both vertically and horizontally, moving in interpolated trajectories, to complete extremely complex forming processes. The machine offers a bending power of 8 or 12 tons and features a 250 mm stroke and a 12 ton horizontal clamp. This machine can mount up to 9 tools, two of which rotate. It takes up only 1400 mm total floor space.

The S2254 is a machine designed to be able to create deformations on tubes with large diameters, with a swan neck structure that is extremely rigid and compact. This machine is characterised with great solidity, in order to allow maximum rigidity during deforming operations, in addition to a significantly compact size which takes up minimal space. The large dimensions of the clamp, which can be programmed to open to optimise the stroke and reduce cycle time, allow operators to create blockages in complex or large-sized tube bends and the absence of columns in the machine structure eliminates any possible structural interference during production phases. It has a force of 25 Tons, a 300 mm stroke and a 40 Ton clamp.

Crippa’s solution to the hydroforming process is S2166HF, a patented machine that can integrate all of Crippa’s deformation technology. Versatile and compact, unlike traditional hydroforming machines, this product makes it possible to perform tool changes in a short time, which enables operators to increase production lots. Created to perform even complex processes tubes up to 600 mm length, it can also work with tools with hydroformed parts up to 220 mm. S2166HF can combine, in a single cycle, hydroforming and traditional deforming operations, integrating punches, rotating tools and rolling heads. The ergonomics of the machine allows the operator to work simply and rapidly set up tools. The injector on the machine exterior makes maintenance operation easier and facilitates loading and unloading of tubes with automatic and semi-automatic systems. The force of the endformere is 16 Ton and can host up to 3 steps with Dia. 90 mm.

The work cell featured is made up of a Crippa tube bending machine model 114HE, a bundle loader with plate selector and optical search for welds, an anthropomorphic robot FANUC mod. R-2000-iC-165F and a patented handling system. During the production cycle, the tube is first selected and singularised, then the robot picks up the tube and guides it inside the positioning clamp on the tube bending machine. The machine then performs the loading cycle and starts the bending phase. The bending program involves creating pieces that are cut in cycle from a bar. Therefore, it is possible to start with a 4-metre bar and end with the finished piece at the end of the cycle. The piece made in this way is automatically unloaded by the robot with a basket.

Extremely compact and flexible, this machine is able to bend the tube with a mandrel starting directly from the coil. In an extremely compact space (less than 10 square meters), we have three machines and a robot. The first machine - supplied by our partner RAVNI TECHNOLOGIES - straightens the tube from the reel and cuts it to the desired length. The FANUC robot picks the tube up in its clamp and, depending on the cycle requested, loads either the SMALL2E tube bender or the S2086E end-former. We will show you several work cycles at our stand.