Mobiliário urbano

Mobiliário urbano

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We make your city more comfortable

Design and technology for the cities of the future

Benches, street lights, road signs, parking bollards, and bicycle stands are just the beginning. Artistic installations, projects, and advanced materials for increasingly sustainable urban design. Many urban structures and superstructures are made either entirely or partially of bent or deformed tubes with medium or large diameters. Crippa offers a wide range of tube bending machines, end forming machines, work centres, and custom solutions for creating simple or complex shapes to transform designer projects into reality, ensuring reliability, repeatability, and environmental respect for beautiful, more sustainable cities.


Curvadoras de tubos

Curvadoras de tubos compactas e versáteis, adequadas a qualquer exigência

HEAVY Series

Curvadoras de tubos

Máquinas compactas e potentes para processos de curvatura de alta intensidade


Curvadoras de tubos

Quatro curvadoras de tubos para trabalhos exigentes em tubos com grandes diâmetros e espessuras

Heavy-S Series

Conformadoras de tubos

Força, flexibilidade e precisão mesmo nos trabalhos mais exigentes