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Come visit us in Cassola (VI) for the second week of Openhouse.

Three days dedicated to the group's innovations, analysis of your needs and software training delivered in person by our engineers and developers.

A showcase of the group's products, including:


  • SILVER2CD: left and right tube bending machine in automatic multi-plane and multi-radius cycle for tubes up to 16mm in diameter.
  • SMALL2E: 7-axis CNC multi-level and multi-radius 'Full Electric' tube bending machine designed for aluminium tubes up to 20mm in diameter with a thickness of 1.8mm and with integrated right and left bending direction in cycle.
  • 1025E: fully electric cnc tube bender, right and left in cycle, mutistack and multi-radius for tubes up to Dia. 25 mm.
  • BASIC 42.1: to bend tubes up to 42mm in diameter with right or left-handed bending direction manually reconfigurable by the operator, combining Crippa's quality and ease of use with a very attractive price.
  • SIXTY: a time-tested solution with 'Full Electric' technology, right and left, for tube bending up to 42 mm in diameter, characterised by the rotating movement of the bending head, thanks to which it stands out among peers for its versatility and flexibility.
  • 955LE: all-electric CNC tube bender for tubes up to 55 millimetres in diameter with direct drive, multi-level, multi-radius, ergonomic and eco-friendly.
  • 980LE DCT: multistack and multiradius Full Electric CNC tube bending machine for processing tubes up to a diameter of 80 mm.       
  • MTS22: orbital tube cutting machine that allows the tube to be cut without swarf, burrs and with minimum reduction in tube cross-section, flexible and modular, ideal for all production demands.

Discover these and other innovations from the Crippa world at the double summer event in 2023 and take advantage of dedicated training sessions and consultations by our technical and sales staff.

And don't forget to contact your reference agent to access your exclusive promotion.

We look forward to seeing you in Cassola (VI) Via Monte Asolon 57, from July 6 to 8.

Do not miss it!