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A concrete professional tool

A single software to extrapolate tube information from a 3D file

3DTOUII is the professional tool developed by Crippa to extrapolate the co-ordinates of a pipe simply from a 3D file in a fast and intuitive way. It allows you to compile the polar co-ordinate table easily, minimising errors and improving working time.


  • Makes it possible to import IGES, STEP and - as an option - native CAD files (CATIA, Pro/E, Creo, Inventor, UG Siemens NX, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, JT, STEP, IGES, VDA, SAT, Parasolid).
  • Allows importing ASSEMBLES
  • Allows managing  both round tubes and profiles
  • Makes it possible to export the RADDRIZED 3D file while retaining the presence of any machining (cuts/holes) to allow further machining on LASER cutting machines.
  • Acts as a VISUALIZER for any 3D drawing
  • Has an intuitive graphic HELP for each command
  • Is able to extrapolate coordinates for FREEFORM/CALANDRA 3D bending from 3D
  • Has a module for extrapolating punching coordinates from 3Ds to be executed on the machine.

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