Single Bend Specialists

Two super compact tube bending machines for the pressfitting sector and beyond

In sectors that require tube bending, single level bending is a particular area that requires the highest levels of productivity and repeatability for this process, which relatively simple from a technical standpoint. Rigid and compact, this machine takes up minimal floor space. The 742XXS and 755XXS models are Crippa’s solution for the world of single bends, and they reflect our vocation for tailored solutions. Ergonomic and precise, both tube bending machines are driven by 7 “Full Electric” axes managed by a CNC Siemens 840D sl and operating on only one working level. Their particular feature is the capacity of easily processing extra-short tubes. The 742XXS was designed for tubes up to 42mm in diameter, and the 755XXS can process tubes up to 55mm in diameter. The active gauge (optional) allows the machine to integrate an automated loading/unloading system, and the controlled thrust systems guarantee excellent quality bends. These models can be upgraded with a series of options that make it possible to increase process automation in view of productivity and quality, for example, by adding control and measuring stations, and also shaping units to complete the tube processing within the work cycle. Both machines are ideal for use in automated production processes and in autonomous work cells, and they are designed to be integrated into “Smart Factory” systems.

Technical Specifications
Bending direction
Right or left reconfigurable
Mild steel
Max. tube diam.
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Number of CNC axes
Max. bending radius
Length of tube
Bending speed
240/150 °/sec
Bending resolution
+/- 0,05
Speed of Y axis
15/75 m/min
Resolution of Y axis
+/- 0,05
20 kW
Overall dimensions H/W/D
2230/1500/2410 e 2170/1700/3550

Different Applications