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Crippa and Rossi S.p.A.

A collaboration between engineering challenges and quality products.

An article published yesterday tells the story of a shared project that led to the creation of a low backlash planetary gearbox , built ad hoc, for the new 150LE.

Domenico Fulco, Crippa R&D manager, talks in an interview about the collaboration with Rossi, one of the largest industrial groups in the world for the production and marketing of gearboxes, gearmotors and electric motors.

The Rossi group was able to supply the torque necessary for the deformation and customization of a reduced backlash planetary gearbox, built ad hoc, for the new 150LE.

Already in 2016, Crippa had collaborated with Rossi for another engineering challenge: the birth of the largest multi-storey and multi-radius Full Electric tube bender in the world: the 225HE designed for the naval sector.

A long-standing cooperation that has led Crippa to once again select Rossi planetary gearboxes for the further evolution of its tube bending machines.