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Crippa integrated cutting systems

Integrated cutting systems to meet every need

In recent decades, Crippa has developed and perfected CNC cutting systems for its tube bending machines that make it possible to carry out excellent-quality electric cutting operations during cycles.

Cutting processes involve complex technical challenges due to difficulties in incorporating cutting devices into the cycle, making sure they run efficiently, and managing the waste produced. Crippa uses the structure of its machines to optimise the position of these cutting devices, as well as the chutes for eliminating chips and offcuts. In particular, the HEAVY series of tube bending machines features considerable vertical excursion, which allows for cutting devices to be placed outside the bending area and control the journey of any offcuts until they are removed from the system. At present, two CNC cutting systems are available, namely single-blade and double-blade. The first option is simpler, involving a blade driven by a CNC transmission which cuts the tube into sections. This type of cut results in the edges being turned inwards, and is therefore primarily used when other processes are due to be performed on the end of the tube (usually widening or narrowing). However, when a higher quality of cut is required, it is preferable to use the double-blade system. The vertical “scarfing” blade removes an initial section of the tube and creates a passageway into which the second blade, managed autonomously by CNC software, can easily enter, allowing for a more fluid cut and better circularity of the tube.