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Crippa End Forming Machines


Advanced technology for unlimited endforming operations

Compact, versatile and ranging from 8 to 60 tons in power, Crippa’s endforming machines are able to shape any project due to their high level of personalisation and vast array of tools that they can mount. All of our endformers can be used alone or inside a work cell. They are appreciated for their ergonomic layouts, simple operation and capacity to connect to “smart factory” production systems.

Rapid Series

Essential and compact, these machines contain the entirety of Crippa’s know-how. Their extremely small size allows them to complete productions of average complexity with a high degree of precision. Carefully designed ergonomics make them ideal for transport and integration into new and existing work cells with Profinet communication protocol.


Quick Series

These machines have up to 3 axes with a number of personalised steps for every tube shaping requirement. Handling speed, precise positioning and structural rigidity combine with the option of integrating rotating heads for combination processes which can be complex, always guaranteeing that these endforming machines provide maximum output. Quick series machines are able to generate production programs both in self-learning mode and in ISO mode, and they meet the criteria for Industry 4.0. Their connectivity and compatibility with webcams for monitoring production processes makes them ideal for checking and managing the work cycle.

Heavy Series

These endforming machines have vertical clamping, which is perfect for complex processes and can ensure high levels of protection and high standards of quality and precision. Though they share many features with models in other series, these machines also can move individual tools, also of different lengths, to process very complex tubes, which are already bent.

In addition to integrating rotating heads for complex processes in cycle, these machines can also use clamps for large diameter tubes, due to the large size of the clamp unit. The absence of columns eliminates the risk of collisions or interference with the tube. Being accessible on three sides makes it easy to change the tools, and also guarantees maximum visibility during processes. Latest generation CNC technology allows operators to monitor and manage production remotely and programming for self-learning or in an ISO environment. Heavy series endforming machines also fit Industry 4.0 criteria.



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