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Flexibility goes on stage

Chicago – McCormick Place – 11th-14th November 2019 – Booth #D46549

We’re approaching the beginning of Chicago Fabtech Show and Crippa is preparing this important event with a series of highly flexible solutions.

Compact and light machines, suitable for all production sectors, able to smartly solve complex production needs such as those coming from the constantly growing aeronautical sector.

Let's take a brief look at some of the models displayed at the fair:

  • A reversed version of the SMALL2E, the SMALL2ER is a Full Electric multistack and multiradius tube bending machine with integrated left and right bending directions and seven CNC axes created for aluminum tubes up to 0.79'' in diameter and 0.07'' thick. Its upside-down layout simplifies unloading phases, while its reduced size was thought for easy installation in cramped production lines and work cells in general. SMALL2ER is characterized by its excellent overall performance and by its use with a broad array of accessories for specific and unusual jobs. 
  • The Up&Down series 1025E is a CNC tube bending machine for tubes up to a diameter of 1 inch and a thickness of 0,12'', with an installed power of 12kW. Its main features is the cross movement of the head that helps make complex tube geometries during the automatic cycle with no post processing operations and no operator intervention. Cross movement allows passage from one plane to the next, double bending directions, and integration of loading and unloading cycle. 1025E is a multistack and multiradius machine with at least 6 work planes. Thanks to its high vertical excursion it can simultaneously use several tools with different radii and clamps. Its 10 controlled axes driven by digital Full Electric motors are managed by a CNC Siemens 840D sl control unit, that means high quality, energy savings, reduced set-up/start-up time, minimal waste, maximum efficiency and energy savings.

Both machines are equipped with three-dimensional graphics software on a 19” LCD Touch screen, through which the operator intuitively dialogues with the machine. The UII. "User Iso Interface" facilitates programming and allows simulating and optimizing bending programs.

  • The S2086 is an end forming machine with two CNC controlled axes. Able to complete up to six forming operations during one cycle, this machine passes quickly from one process to the next to ensure high production levels with high standards of quality and precision. The S2086 is an extremely flexible end forming machine that facilitates set-up and start-up while simultaneously guaranteeing reliability during processes with its rigid structure. Its compact design optimizes space and makes integration into new or pre-existing work cells and the integration of loading and unloading devices easier. Furthermore, it is equipped with a self-learning software system for simple and intuitive use.

All Crippa machines are designed to be integrated with Smart Factory production systems.

Moreover Crippa will host HEXAGON with its TubeInspect P8, the 3D tube and wire measurement equipment, especially developed for the efficient quality control of bent tubes and wires less than 1,000 mm long from end to end and with a maximum diameter of 100 mm. Equipped with 8 high-resolution cameras, TubeInspect P8 is suitable for tubes and wires with diameters from 1mm to 125mm and allows for optimum 3D inspection of objects of up to 1m length. However, even longer objects can be measured with TubeInspect P8. The lateral doors allow for an overlapping repositioning section by section.  Sheath tolerance can be determined to an accuracy of up to 0.035 mm. Measuring results are provided within 2 to 5 secondsCome and visit us to find out all the solutions we can provide for the processing of tubes up to 225mm in diameter.

Come and visit us to find out all the solutions we can provide for the processing of tubes up to 225mm in diameter.

We are waiting for you at our booth at Fabtech, Chicago - McCormick Place – 11th -14th November 2019 - Stand #D46549

Don’t miss the date!