New 150

A new tubebender for tubes with diameter up to 150 mm. Compact and versatile, it integrates the Crippa line dedicated to large diameters, offering a solution tailored for the most frequent production-related needs of our clients.


A new interpretation of the coil bending process. 
An efficient, rapid and compact solution for core bending of tubes directly from the coil.

Solutions 4.0

A space dedicated to Industry 4.0, where we shall propose solutions defined by our R&D team to collect data from machines and to integrate them into a global monitoring system of many strategically important parameters, which can be accessed at any time from PC, Tablet or Smartphone.


A new generation of tube loading and unloading systems that exploits the most advanced technological solutions to simplify the production process to the utmost. We have outdone ourselves by making customisation a new standard offered to simplify your work.

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