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Earth moving machines

Earth moving machines

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We set the groundwork for sustainable earthwork

Reliability, repeatability, energy savings

Stabilising agricultural terrain, rebuilding or reinforcing embankments, recovering from collapses and landslides. Earth-moving equipment is used in urbanisation and basic infrastructure work. The structure of the machinery requires the use of large tubes which are subject to heavy loads and repeated stress over time. Due to the work they perform, precise, rigid, and reliable machinery is required. With their rigidity and robustness, Crippa tube bending machines and end forming machines are the perfect answer for processing tubes used to create these machines. Everything is combined with full electric technology, ensuring precision, repeatability, and eco-friendliness.

Linear Series

Bending machines

Versatile tube bending machines in small sizes can help your project materialize

Heavy Series

Bending machines

A powerful machine for high intensity bending in a compact space

Heavy BWT Series

Bending machines

Four tube benders for heavy-duty processes on tubes with large diameters and thicknesses

Heavy-S Series

Endforming machines

Heavy-duty precision, flexibility and power