Low power requirements, High precision

Competitive cycle times, excellent quality bends, extremely reduced energy consumption: this tube bending machine uses “Full Electric” technology.

The Heavy series 100HE CNC tube bending machine was built for mild steel tubes up to 100 mm in diameter. A downsized version, this machine ensures excellent rigidity and performance in the automotive, aeronautical, plant design and installation, urban decoration and naval sectors. Features include: - horizontally translating bending head for maximum rigidity during heavy-duty processes.

  • high vertical excursion to maximize available number of bending levels or interface with existing tools
  • small bending head for making complex tube geometries in one cycle without double bending directions
  • nine controlled axes driven by absolute digital motors with “Full Electric” technology.
  • CNC Siemens 840D sl technology
  • excellent quality bends, considerable energy savings, reduced set-up/start up time, minimal waste.
  • Tangent Boost device for axial thrust during the bending process, also in the slide/wiper-die area. - optimal tube development
  • optional CNC cutting system
  • high production rate, ability to produce bends with CLR/DIA ratio lower than 0.8 or thrust bends with variable radii.
  • 3D graphics software on a 19” LCD Touch screen
  • intuitive communication with the machine through UII “User Iso Interface” software
  •  UII (User Iso Interface) to simulate and optimize bending programs
  • designed to be integrated into Smart Factory systems.
Technical Specifications
Bending direction
Right or left
Mild steel
Max. tube diam.
Up to Ø 4.0x0.098''
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Number of CNC axes
Max. bending radius
Length of tube
Bending speed
Bending resolution
Speed of Y axis
Resolution of Y axis
Overall dimensions H/W/D