The New Frontier in Horizontal Forming

12 Tons of Power in 7 Steps.

The S2087 is Crippa's new CNC endforming machine, available in a hydraulic or electric version, with endforming power that ranges from 8 to 12 tons, a 250mm stroke and a 12-ton horizontal clamp. The S2087 has the same features as the S2087V, but is fitted with a horizontal tool change to carry out processes that do not allow vertical tool changes during production, such as when removing shavings: production scrap makes it impossible to use the vertical tool change, and sometimes the geometry of the tube being formed is incompatible with the vertical beam.
This endforming machine can also be fitted with up to 6-7 steps, including two rotations, and with motors to carry out complex processes during the cycle.
The main strong point of this endforming machine is its compact size: despite the horizontal tool change, the machine only takes up 1400 mm of floor space. This peculiarity meets the needs of modern production lines, and makes it ideal for integration into work cells. This endforming machine was designed to be integrated into Smart Factory production systems.

Technical Specifications
Tool Change
Max. tube diam.
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Number of CNC axes
Deformation force
8ton /12ton
Max deformation length
Forming speed
Clamp force
Tool change step
Tools positions
Tool change speed
Overall dimensions H/W/D