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Crippa’s complementary solutions

Crippa’s complementary solutions for optimising cutting during the cycle

Crippa has developed several solutions to manage
the complexity of cutting operations:


pieces of “kit” and “nesting” software that make it possible to form a sequence of several bending programs and optimise the consumption of the bar, all whilst minimising the waste produced;


a controlled offcut collection system that uses sensors and trays, which can be perfectly integrated into work cycles, even those with automatic loading and unloading;


a controlled removal of the last segment cut off of the tube, with an ejector which uses the tangent boost system;

a patented robotic system for unloading the cut tube: “EasyPick”, which replaces the unloading collets with a basket that collects different shapes and sizes of cut tubes, thus eliminating the programming work that normally is required for each type of tube.



The combination of these functions simplifies the use of the tube bending machine, making it as quick and easy to operate as a simple printer. In fact, it will be possible to select a production program and carry out the complete cycle without having to make any adjustments or modifications. 
Finally, over the years Crippa has accrued extensive knowledge about types of blades, allowing the company to carefully select their shapes, materials and finishes according to the dimensions and material of the tube, as well as the desired end result.