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Interview with Marcello Coppero

The company CMC Srl was founded in Turin in 2000, the result of a merger between two Fiat ancillary companies.

For over twenty years, it has operated in the metal mechanics sector in Piedmont, guaranteeing its clients experience, quality and reliability thanks to qualified technical personnel and new-gen machinery that enable the company to work profiles and tubes in different sizes and materials, carrying out cutting, cold-forming, bending, assembly and welding operations.

We interviewed the administrator at CMC srl, Marcello Coppero, who told us his story and his experience with Crippa technology.

Mr Coppero, tell us how you came to work with Crippa.

CMC Srl was set up in 2000, the result of a merger between a family member’s business and a company based in Piedmont. Initially, the two companies only operated in the railway sector, producing gear shaft couplings and flexible couplings for trains. They then started to also provide tube bending services, first using manual bending systems and then, from the nineties, using three Crippa semi-automatic tube bending machines that are still in production. Following this, we researched bending solutions from other suppliers, before returning to Crippa in recent years.

Why did you decide to go back to Crippa?

Because, as contractors, we noted a big difference between how Crippa and its competitors work. While its competitors produce standard machines for which custom packages must then be requested each time, Crippa proved it was able to provide us with customized machines ready to solve our clients’ present and future technical problems.

Which Crippa machines have you bought?

In addition to the “old” Basics which are still in production today, we have bought two tube benders from the Linear series with Full Electric technology (a 942LE and a 955LE), two endforming machines (a PO16 and a S2086), and the Crippa Easygauge measuring system.

The purchase of these new Crippa machines has enabled us to expand our range of bending to include tube diameters bigger than the 35mm we usually worked. This has led to the acquisition of new orders and new clients.

What processes does CMC offer its clients?

We deliver a comprehensive approach, providing tube cutting, curving, forming and welding operations. Our in-house tooling department allows us to come up with tailor-made solutions to meet any of our clients’ requests.

Who are your clients? Which sectors do you serve?

Apart from the niche railway and tram sector, we mainly serve the automotive ancillary industry, working on tubes for engines and brakes, chassis, seats and bodywork.

Thanks to our Crippa machines we have also penetrated the fitness equipment sector, supplying pieces to be used in the manufacture of sports equipment, exercise bikes, treadmills and ping-pong tables.


What is the added value of CMC srl compared to its competitors?

We are a company with a strong problem-solving approach. We dare to go where some of our valid competitors decide not to, and we are committed to finding solutions to even the toughest technical challenges.

We feel we share something with Crippa. Our mission is to solve our clients’ problems. Like Crippa, when we commit to something, we deliver, even in the most difficult situations and without the fear of taking on risks.

Has the current pandemic affected your work?

We have taken advantage of the moment to move our premises from Rivalta to Turin, relocating all the machinery into this new shed measuring about 3,000 m2. We have cleaned up the plant, installed a photovoltaic system and carried out all the improvements needed to make our employees’ workplace as comfortable as possible.

Our work has definitely changed, we are experiencing planning difficulties due to a slowdown on the market and with our suppliers, but we have managed to diversify and focus on new sectors, like fitness, which is compensating for the standstill in the automotive sector.

What projects do you have for the future?

Our future goals are to increasingly optimise our production, trying to automate processes as much as possible and to expand our market outside Italy, something we have not attempted so far.

Why would you recommend Crippa?

Crippa is like us. It is an example of a successful Italian company that, step by step, has achieved its goals. Crippa understands its clients’ development problems because it has been there. The Crippa family has always been there for us, treating us with attention and dedication.

As someone in sales, I appreciate their product versatility, their design choices, the capacity of their company to provide prompt answers to our problems and the collaboration of their technical and service staff.

But the most important thing is that my technicians, the ones I entrust with choosing our machinery, chose Crippa for the quality of its technological solutions, its software and the extent of its range.