No room? No problem!

You can have the same performance of the 942LE in little more than three meters of space.

The Linear series 942XE is a tube bender for tubes up to 1,65'' in diameter. Features include:
  • compact size. 
  • CNC technology.
  • very small bending head with direct transmission and a compact chassis.
  • rigidity and efficiency.
  • no double bending direction necessary
  • integrates perfectly into automated work cells.  
  • produces multistack and multiradius bends.
  • can be integrated with the accessory for variable radius thrust bending. - easy manual reconfiguration by the operator from left to right.
  • optimized flexibility. 
  • simultaneous use of several tools with different radii of curvature and clamping. - versatile design to fit existing tools.
  • The 942XE can be prepared to be equipped with busbar profile tooling to perform in-cycle plate and edge bending and twisting processes.
  • can mount all accessories designed for other Linear series tube benders for specific jobs. - horizontal dynamics of the plane positioner limit damage to the machine if components collide.
  • recirculating ball guides move linear organs and reduce wear.
  • improved performance.
  • high production speed. 
  • completes bends with CLR/DIA ratio lower than 0.8.
  • 9 controlled axes driven by Full Electric absolute digital electric motors.
  • CNC Siemens 840D sl. - Intuitive UII (User Iso Interface).
  • 3D graphic software on the 19” LCD Touch screen.
  • easy operator interaction for programming, simulation and optimization. 
  • designed to be integrated into Smart Factory systems.


Tubes and Profiles

To each his own tube: simple and complex processes to meet every need.

Technical Specifications
Bending direction
Right or left, reconfigurable
Mild steel
Max. tube diam.
Up to Ø1.65x0.079''
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Number of CNC axes
Max. bending radius
Length of tube
Bending speed
Bending resolution
Speed of Y axis
Resolution of Y axis
Overall dimensions H/W/D