I4.0 software

MHM: Machine Health Monitoring

The new platform that enables communication both inside and outside the company via the CLOUD, to which one or more machines may be connected

MHM is the platform that enables communication both inside and outside the company via CLOUD, within which one or more machines can be connected.

MHM allows each customer to create his production department and monitor it both as a whole and by zooming in on individual machines to view their OEE operating parameters, performance and productivity.

The platform provides access to technical documentation, maintenance information and energy consumption tracking.

The MHM interface consists of two screens:

  • Production
  • Machine Health.

The latter allows monitoring of maintenance status, axis absorption, motor temperature, air consumption and global energy consumption.

Options can be added to these two basic screens, allowing up to 16 sensors to be applied to machine organs to record vibrations and working temperatures.

This information allows both timely intervention on reported anomalies and early understanding of the nature of any faults.

Thanks to MHM, all parameters can be interrogated and summarised in the form of graphs.

Its use therefore contributes to creating a data culture that enables predictive logic.

This system works with any CLOUD platform available on the market and is prepared to communicate with the Siemens Mindsphere World system in order to implement its level of analysis.

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