UII Form

Programming has never been easier

The first intuitive programming software for end forming

UIIForm is the first 3D programming and simulation software dedicated to tube end forming machines.
Simple and intuitive, UIIForm applies the functionality of UIIBend to deformation management, making the forming process easier than ever before.


  • Serves as a CAD/CAM of the SAGOMATUBES for automatic programme creation
  • Allows the entire end forming cycle to be programmed in a graphical, guided and facilitated mode
  • Allows the 3D CAD of single tools to be imported
  • Simulates the endforming cycle in 3D, checking cycle times and possible collisions
  • Allows the end forming cycle to be modified in the simulation environment through a simplified graphic interface without the necessity of knowing any programming language
  • Features an intuitive graphic HELP for each commande