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Privacy Policy Direct Marketing

Why do we use personal data?

We use the data subject's personal data for analytical and statistical purposes and also to send commercial offers and invitations by e-mail, sms and phone.

To optimise the experience with CRIPPA, we will provide the data subject with important information and recommended offers.


What kind of personal data do we process?

We will process the following categories of personal data: contact details such as email address and phone number.


Who has access to the personal data?

The data are utilised by personnel and collaborators of CRIPPA S.p.A. in order to provide the aforementioned services, and also by partners who handle marketing and the website

CRIPPA S.p.A. does not transfer, sell or exchange data subjects' personal data with third parties for marketing purposes.


What is the legal basis for personal data processing operations?

The data subject's consent when accepting direct marketing constitutes the legal basis for the personal data processing.


Right to withdraw consent:

The data subject is entitled at any time to withdraw his/her consent to this personal data processing, and to oppose the direct marketing.

He/she does so, then CRIPPA S.p.A. will no longer be permitted to send any direct marketing offer.

The data subject can opt out of the direct marketing by sending an email to or by following the instructions attached to each marketing communication.


How long are the personal data kept for?

We keep personal data for direct marketing purposes until such time as the data subject withdraws his/her consent.